About GCC

The Global CRO Council (GCC), a Non-Profit Organization, was initially formed with 34 CROs (42 CRO representatives) on September 14th 2010 in Montreal. See Report from the 1st GCC Close Forum on the Formation of GCC published in Bioanalysis Journal.

The formation of GCC, although short, produced tremendous impact in the bioanlaysis industry in different aspects. For example, several pharmaceutical organizations have officially recognized the importance of CROs and their scientific contribution to bioanalysis. Moving forward, the GCC and its global CRO member companies will continue to address scientific and regulatory issuues in the bioanalyis field in order to provide inputs from CRO community and contribute to the global pharmaceutical industry. In summary the GCC will be

  • A platform for member companies to discuss day to day common issues in bioanalysis;
  • A foundation to voice CRO opinions and generate scientific documents (conference reports and white papers);
  • A channel to communicate with global regulatory agencies as one group and one voice.