13th GCC Closed Forum for Bioanalysis

April 5, 2019, New Orleans

Freedom Ballroom

07:00am-08:00am : Breakfast and Registration

08:00am-08:15am : Opening Remarks, Admonition Statement, and Participants’ introduction – Natasha Savoie

08:15am-09:30am : “Recent Findings/483s” Session Moderator: Nicki Hughes; Speakers/Individual Topic Leaders: Bruce Stouffer, Allan Xu, Rafiq Islam, Maria Caturla, Nicki Hughes

09:30am-10:15am : “Critical reagent characterization” Session Leaders: Paul Rhyne, Chris Beaver

10:15am-10:45am : Morning Coffee and Refreshment Break

10:45am-11:30am : “Certificate of Analysis (CoA)” Session Leader: Roger Hayes

11:30am-12:30pm : “Classification of Commercial Kits to Support Regulated Bioanalysis” Session Leaders: Rafiq Islam, Sumit Kar (Guest Speaker for the Session Only)

12:30pm-01:30pm : Buffet Lunch in Independence CD

01:30pm-02:15pm : “Oligonucleotides in bioanalysis” – Session Leaders: Bruce Stouffer, Jessica St. Charles, Eric Tewalt (Guest Speaker for the Session Only)

02:15pm-03:15pm : “What would you do?” Session Moderator: Chad Briscoe; Speakers/Individual Topic Leaders: Edward Tabler, Franklin Spriggs, Kelly Colletti (Guest Speaker for the Session Only), Chad Briscoe

03:15pm-03:45pm : Wine and Cheese, and Ice Cream Break

03:45pm-04:15pm : “Integrating Flow Cytometry in Bioanalysis and its standardization” Session Leaders: Pat Bennett, Vellalore Kakkanaiah

04:15pm-04:45pm : “HRMS in Regulated Bioanalysis” Session Leaders: Stephanie Cape, Pat Bennett

04:45pm-05:40pm : “Challenges of Method Transfer” Session Leaders: Chad Briscoe, Nicki Hughes, Amanda Hays

05:40pm Meeting Adjourn and Welcome Reception of Waters at Rooftop Horizon Room